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I introduce to you hell’s ambassadors…..Aqualeo pronounced (awk‘ wae‘ lee‘ o) and not to be confused or associated with Outkast’s 1998 “Aquemini” album title; these rap phenoms emerge from Houston, Texas and have been developing a massive underground buzz since there departure from Swisha-House /Warner – Asylum Records.  Previously managed by Mathew Knowles, the business mogul behind Pop Queen Beyoncé Knowles- Carter, Aqualeo has since revamped their image which consists of a red cross they wear on their faces.  Whether they have made themselves a target or are symbolically sending the rest of us a message, one thing is for sure;  Priceless, the groups lead, is adamant about Michael Jackson being some sort of messianic figure, perhaps the one the world has been waiting to see. On One particular song,” What’s Really Going On”, which (features) a corresponding video that has received immense feedback since being posted on YouTube; Priceless raps, “The Jesus figure they missed it they missed it cause they’re some misfits who twist shit cause they’re sadistic.”  The (optically) creative, highly lyrical, darkly provocative, “What’s Really Going On” soon caught the attention of the independent KING himself; Tech N9ne, who, after watching the video blogged on his website, “(out of the darkness comes Aqualeo.”)  Tech over the years has garnished the title as the #1 independent rapper on Earth and recently completed the longest tour in Hip-hop history the “Hostile Takeover Tour” of which Aqualeo performed 10 dates.  Sonically (traveling) beyond the realms of contemporary artistry, Aqualeo is much more provocative as their music is an extensive amalgamation of socially-relevant narratives, innovative production, and witty, high vernacular word-play that dares to truly illustrate and challenge the eroding moral basis from which we all struggle.  The single, “Ugly Duckling“, which features Aqualeo on Techn9ne’s Klusterfuk LP has recently become a fan favorite amongst a monstrous song list which placed the album  #1 in Bill Board’s Independent rap category within its first week of release. Their follow up on Techn9ne’s Boiling Point EP “Paint on your Pillowcase” adds injury to insult as Aqualeo, delivering a Hades flow, once again exceeded all fan expectations.  Aqualeo’S music has (grown) to encompass an infectious unconventional collage of sounds with equally compelling lyricism; a sound (forged) from years of making music in the underground arena of Houston, TX.  Their new album, Speaking of the Devil, which also features Techn9ne and Krizz Kaliko is simply, devilish and exquisite. The 12 song LP takes the listener on a journey through the mystic, while concurrently lifting its veil. Not only does Speaking of the Devil arouse the horrors that haunt our dreams, turning them into nightmares; it also illuminates us with the harsh stain of truth bridging the gap between the lawless and the refined, the indoctrinated and the liberated.  If you don’t know who Aqualeo is, time you start doing your homework!