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Love Album

Acie High

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Acie High real name, this manifestation beamed down to the planet in the form of a star. Born in the constellation Leo, in the city of Dallas, the place geographically that marks a stars presence; we see the universe in operation both figuratively and literally through his persona. One half of the group Aqualeo, Acie High is the joke. Truth is… imagination outweighs knowledge. We’d much rather laugh then cry. Heath Ledger’s performance was more spectacular then Batman’s; and we are much more “in love” with her beauty then we are the woman herself. In comprehending these truths we begin to understand Acie High’s truth. And in understanding Acie High’s truth we find that in the realm of the gamble, which life often is, the Ace trumps even a king.

From winning television shows on UPN, to participating in some of the most influential movements in music history including the Screw, Technician, and Queen B revolutions, Acie High finds himself a permanent fixture in contrasting realities. His celestial makeup versus his position in the pantheon of rap icons is somewhat of a contradiction. How can someone so talented still be relatively unknown? These questions take us to an even bigger discussion, one that involves romanticism and realism. These two contrasting realities are highlighted in High’s music, as a reflection of light and darkness, love and negligence, as well as vice and evil. Expressing these juxtaposed points of view through his artistry unveils the central motive behind his true character; that character even more sensitive and brilliant then the one heard, in that he’s taken a vow of silence. This has more to do with what and how people really comprehend. (What sense does it make explaining something people are going to put their own interpretation to?) Who’s listening? Better yet… who’s paying attention? Being this is the case, how useful is it to have those conversations? “Speaking of the Devil”, Acie High lets the music speak for itself.

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