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The Beast, the name given to Aleister Crowley for his interpretation of the Egyptian Tarot, has found a new host as well as new meaning through the personification of Priceless. Born in the place where God dwells, (Temple), under the sign of the King of the Zodiac Leo; we find the geographical region this entity incarnated to is also the place where revolutionaries are born. Fort Hood, the nation’s largest military base, lays the foundation for the ideology Priceless promotes and represents within his artistry.

Priceless’s message is one of precision, one that reorders the universe in accordance with the actual word; which as the scriptures indicate, is God Himself. Taking this egotistical approach in an open forum is one of foolishness, seemingly; as so many before Priceless have self-arrogated their divine natures as well as “godly” statuses. He poses the following question to them “If their gods… where are their legends at?” A topic he dissects and analyzes in The Book of Illumination. This “illumination” was given to him by channeling the memories of his ancestors, which as he explains, are nothing more than his past incarnations. In association with this heavy content it’s easy to turn a blind eye or be turned off by it. Here is where we begin to understand the dynamics between him and his counterpart Acie High. The world has felt the wrath of megalomaniacal tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong; to the untrained eye, Priceless resembles them in spirit. These great rulers of the modern day chose to pragmatically shape society, as they felt they were gods in human flesh, who descended to the earth to keep order and execute judgment on mortals. This thought process though rational, is paradoxical to laymen due to peoples inability to accept that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is a “living” God. Think about it like this: If God wrote a doctrine to be carried out by mortals, is it wrong to presuppose he was mortal to physically write it as well as relate to humanity. And If he didn’t exist as a human to write it, what would be the purpose? In his hand Priceless holds the key to both perfection and immortality; all hail the King.

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