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Satin Star

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Satin, its smooth texture and seductive quality is the attribute that somes up best Satin Star, the 1st lady and initiate of Aqualeo, The envy of women and a fantasy for men, Satin like her name, also represents something deeper, something darker, something hidden yet alluring. Satin is that temptation that extinguishes morality, taking its culprit to the depths of unbridled passion, only to be dropped back off atop the surface with an insatiable urge for more. The longing to experience her again and again leaves those who savored a sip from her cup in agony; as they realize with Satin, there isn’t a limit to the pleasure that can be experienced in the moment…in a moment with her. She, like a breath of fresh air is omnipresent, and like the element of the sign she’s born under, Aquarius, she gives unabridged strength to fire, LEO.

Speaking in reference to Satin Star, her name was derived from the place she was raised, and the sign for which she draws her energy. Born in Space City, Houston, Texas, home to the space exploration program NASA; Satin found herself drawn to the presence of celestial activity and the supernatural. Channeling her thoughts with her overwhelming desire for action, the collection of this fusion led to her becoming a Houston Rockets dancer and a Texans Cheerleader. The depths within her soul however would not allow her to continue on this path. Though aesthetically the organizations she danced for seemingly were a playground for the gods; being of a broadened turn of mind, she wasn’t compelled. For what they lacked in intellect and spirituality, she felt was overcompensated with physicality and materialism. Discovering everything isn’t always what it seems, in her exploration to find “heaven on earth” she found Eden. In finding Eden Satin was bitten by a serpent; now having experienced a glimpse of enlightenment she is ready to fulfill her purpose by illuminating the world.

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